When I packed to go on vacation last week I crammed a humongous suitcase full of shoes, accessories and clothing options to fit any possible weather combination or vacation function I could dream up… quite seaside dinner, sunbathing at the pool, outlet shopping, day at a water park, etc, etc…

I was ready, y’all.

Too bad because I didn’t use any of it.

I went completely FREE.

Mind out of the gutter there pals… What I meant was, I scrubbed all of the ways that I “usually” go about my daily life and threw caution to the wind.

I didn’t do my hair.

I didn’t wear any makeup.

I didn’t dress up once.

It was FABULOUS. (Probably not so much for the people of Delaware or Pennsylvania, but hey, I was happy.)

I didn’t realize how much time I spent worrying about my everyday appearance. Oh sure, on weekends I usually rock the natural look with my family but you won’t catch me during the work week without a full face on. That is just the way I am.

It was interesting to see how letting go of that one thing upped my relaxation level tenfold. I simply made a conscious decision not to worry about appearances and put that pressure on myself. I’m going to try to incorporate it more into my everyday life and see how it goes.

What about YOU? Anything you can temporarily abandon to give yourself a break?