There is something spectacular about being able to claim that you’ve run 15 miles before the majority of the world has even stirred from their beds.

Not that I love the fact that I have to get up at 4:00am to do it or anything. (Totally beside the point.) It is sometimes worth it just for the Facebook update and resulting insults and gasps from friends. Bonus: totally missed the rain!

Today’s run was pretty intense though. I’ve been on vacation so I only ran twice this week with walking (as in on the boardwalk and on the streets of New York) as my only cross training. I was pretty much exhausted. Plus, genius that I am, I didn’t eat well prior to going. (No, a half of a muffin will not fuel you for very long. Just in case you were wondering.) I brought two GUs with me but a couple of times I found myself shaky. I should have brought Sport Beans as a back up. (Face palm!)

And to further demonstrate my brilliance, or lack thereof, I figured out mid run that we are only 63 days away from the Baltimore Marathon. NINE.WEEKS. I am nowhere near where I want to be and I have only nine measly weeks to turn it around. I’m not strong enough! I’m not serious enough! I’m not mentally focused enough!


So the big nutrition discussion this run was about chia seeds. (Yes, THAT chia. Go ahead, sing the jingle. I can’t resist it either.) This whole chia discussion came from Lori & Katie having read Born To Run and learning about the Tarahumara. (Now, I’ve not read Born To Run yet so bare with me…) The Tarahumara are “the running people” on which most of the book is based. They are  a Mexican tribe of superathletes who run 50 or 100 miles at a time for pure enjoyment, without effort. They rely on chia to help them run these incredible distances. The girls are embarking on a little chia experiment. Turns out there are a ton of benefits to adding Chia seeds to your diet. Who knew? I’m ordering myself some this week. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

So anyway, that is the update so far. I still can’t believe the marathon is so close. Slightly panicked now….