Back in May I put together a list of 40 things that I want to do prior to hitting the big 4-0. At that time I promised myself that I would check  in every couple of weeks on the blog in order to keep myself accountable.

So here is the progress….


  • Finish decorating my bedroom.
  • Complete the picture mural in the living room.
  • Begin writing a book.
  • Bring back the pink hair or get a nose piercing.
  • Learn how to skateboard.
  • Have my first girlfriend’s weekend away.
  • Visit the beach.
  • Buy an expensive night cream.
  • Buy a new (read: slinky) dress to wear to a fancy function.
  • Get an extravagant pedicure.
  • Adopt a mantra.
  • Buy iPhone 4 (Please, honey?)
  • Complete a Bible study.
  • Join a book club.
  • Take a cooking class.

Blog / Online

  • Finish the blog redesign along with You Tube, Twitter, About.Me and new blog cards. (In process. Almost complete.)
  • Launch a new web series.
  • Get that big content idea off the ground.
  • Land a really cool partnership.
  • Nab a cool guest post opportunity or meet a blogger that I’ve always admired.

Fitness Goals (I admit it… totally sucking at this)

  • Lose that 15 pounds.
  • Run the Baltimore marathon.
  • Finish a Body-For-Life round.
  • Try Yoga.


  • Join the board of directors or take a leadership role in an organization.
  • Finish decorating my office.
  • Find an organizational system that works perfectly for me. (Nearly conquered)
  • Do something outside my comfort zone.
  • Write a white paper.
  • Land a speaking engagement.
  • Attend a conference or take an online course in my industry.


  • Take each boy on a special day alone.
  • Run a 5K with one or both of the boys.
  • Spend a romantic night away with my husband.
  • See a musical, play or performance.
  • Take the boys to New York.
  • Go to a theme park.
  • Call my sister(s) every week.
  • Have tea at a tea room with my mother and sisters.
  • Take a family hike.

You’ll notice that the sections that have THE LEAST AMOUNT accomplished are personal. Interesting, isn’t it? Is that just a “woman thing” or is it a “parent thing?” Why is it so hard for me to get a damn pedicure to try yoga?

I’m still holding out hope that I will be able to accomplish all of these goals. Fingers crossed!