I am the number one mom of the world.

El numero uno. The awesomest of awesome. The bomb.

Why? Because I (well, sort of) gave them a little taste of Disney this week.

Disney came to Baltimore to put on a Disney Summer Social and our family was lucky enough to be included in their festivities! (The boys were beside themselves with excitement. If there is one vacation they ask for again and again – it is another trip to Disney.)

(Pictured: @theinkim, moi, @jodifur @minkymoo and @dipaolamomma)

We had a lovely time socializing with blogging pals, meeting new friends and catching up on everyone’s family adventures. It was a real treat!

The boys were fascinated to learn about these new updates to their fav Disney adventures:

  • “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios taking riders to the planets Coruscant and Tatooine. (We. Love. Star. Wars. Nuff. Said.)
  • Wild Africa Trek, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom taking small groups of visitors on adventures into unexplored areas of the Disney savanna to learn about wildlife.  (My firstborn is pretty much destined to work in a zoo. His love for animals sometimes outways humans.)
  • Lightning McQueen replacing Herbie the Love Bug on stage in Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. (Our family loved this show. We saw it twice. Fire! Fast cars! Stunt men!)
  • Enhancements added to the  Haunted Mansion. (Great experience. Just enough to scare but not too much!)

As for me, I have been dreaming of running the Disney Marathon, okay, actually of earning the Goofy medal for a long time.  (And now there is a TINKERBELL 1/2 MARATHON! You know she is my favorite, right?) I was kinda thinking of asking for Disney Marathon entry for my birthday present this year but, it seems a little over the top. Then again you only turn 40 once, right? (Husband? Are you reading this?)

(Pictured @minkymoo, @scarymommy & @dipaolamomma)

The Disney event was a lovely ending to our summer. Which got me thinking of ways to extend summer break just a bit longer. Hmmm…. Disney cruise, anyone?

Disclosure: I attended the Disney Summer Social event with my children and received some goodies and treats.  I was not asked to post nor compensated for it.  All opinions expressed are my very own.