I’ve been looking over my writing career this past week reviewing various things I have written throughout the years, when I came back across the post that made most of the Internet hate me.

I wrote a piece for Hybrid Mom Magazine on The Top 5 Mom Style Dont’s and it caused so much controversy that I honestly couldn’t believe it. I got lots of nasty comments about how I obviously “wasn’t a mom” and “that I was a rich b!tch with a nanny” and of course, a “poor writer.”

At the time I was intensely distressed. Ironically, that same poorly written article got picked up by Yahoo! (Where people continued to rally against me and my obvious childlessness.) Now that I have perspective, however, I can just laugh. Because really, ladies? It was an article about Spanx and sweatpants.

Wanna read it? Sure, why not?! An excerpt below….

Ladies, I believe we can be our own worst enemies.  We spend so much time taking care of our husbands, our children, our jobs, our homes and even our pets that there is little, if any, time left to take care of ourselves.

Style? What’s that? Who has the time or energy to think about THAT? Besides, style is something for people with major money, right?


Style, in fact, has very little to do with money. It’s about making a conscious decision to present yourself to the world in a particular manner.

Take a moment to think about what style you are you presenting to the world right now. Does your personal style say that you live a manic lifestyle, drive a minivan and that your kids rule your life? Or does it show a little personality? A little glimpse into the woman within?

Here’s a link to the rest of the piece…