Best. 20 Mile. Run. Ever.

Brand new shoes. 7:00a.m. Mile 12.

This past Saturday morning was one of those days that reinforced my love for running. The sky was blue, the air was crisp, we all felt great and the conversation flowed…  it was the most perfect running day. (Insert heavenly choir here.)

Understand that our little trio is comprised of moms, so in order to hammer out the mileage that is required and still take care of our kids and responsibilities, we have to start quite literally before the sun rises. We meet at 5am and run for a good hour and a half before any sunshine peeks out. (It is not as bad as you are envisioning it, I promise. Okay, I admit that waking up at 4am does kind of suck. But other than that it is not bad at all.)

This week’s goal was 20 miles. Considering the fact that we scrapped last week’s run due to an overwhelming feeling of sickness from the crew, I was more than surprised that we felt so strong.

To top off the most perfect day, a random balloon arch was magically constructed in the park by our cars sometime during our four hour run.

Lori and her longest run to date!

This balloon arch coincided exactly with our GPS 20 mile mark. So, of course… we ran through it with our arms in the air hooting the whole way. (OF COURSE we did. Like you wouldn’t?)

Upcoming training strategy – working in a couple more hill runs prior to the Baltimore Marathon. That course is hilly!


For weeks now I have been attributing my energy levels to my new found chia seed obsession. And each week I get questions on Facebook and via email requesting more info about them.

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