The boys and I participated in a one mile charity run together this weekend to benefit a local elementary school. It was the first race we’ve ever done as a family.

I’ll be honest, I had the inside scoop on this race and it was the reason why I pushed them to go with me.  I was told (by a super secret source, naturally) that the race directors would be giving away real finishing medals to the kids who participated. My boys are suckers for medals. (Just like their momma!) I was secretly hoping that it would get them jazzed about running and they would want to try another one.

I needn’t have worried. The minute they hit the field their competitive spirit surfaced.

In fact, my own son looked his mother up and down and brazenly declared, “No offense mom, but I’m probably gonna have to leave you behind.”

And you know what? Both boys smoked me.

I couldn’t be prouder.