For all of the moaning and groaning and weeping and wailing an gnashing of teeth that I have been doing over my son’s advancement into middle school, I have found a silver lining.

No, actually. A pot of gold.

Or could it be a million dollar lottery ticket?

I don’t care what you call it… I have discovered PINNACLE. (Hear the angels singing, people?)

Pinnacle is a password protected online grading system that REVEALS ALL. I can see each class’s assignments. I can see grades. I can see missing work. I can email teachers. I can arrange for daily email notifications for assignments, graded work or anything that drops below a C. The possibilities are endless!

It is a new day at the Gerlock house.

No more wondering if my ADD boy is forgetting assignments. No more trying to figure out where he stands and what his weaknesses are. No more fretting over semester grades. It is all available online.

Which means I am a mom armed with knowledge and power.

I adore technology, don’t you? This may be the best thing I’ve discovered since the iPhone.

Does YOUR school have technology to help you assist in your child’s academic career? What are your thoughts on it?