Oh my Lord… 1o days until I run the Baltimore Marathon.

This race is completely sneaking up on me.

The girls and I did our last long run this past Saturday. (17 miles) It was extra special for me, not only because it was the last official double digit run before the big event but also because my friend Kim joined in. I haven’t run with her for years. Literally. (She is Marine Corps Marathon bound.)

As I ran with Kim, Lori and Katie this week I felt an overwhelming sense of pride with regards to the company I was keeping. These women all have small children. Jobs. Demanding schedules. (Hell, Kim wakes up at 3:30am some days just to get her run in.) But each of them has a goal. Each has a dream. And I am so thrilled to be a part of that. Because there is nothing… NOTHING… like crossing that finish line and achieving that goal.

In any event…

I’ve got a couple of details to attend to before race day:

  • New running hat. This is a must.
  • New sports bra. (TMI? Perhaps.)
  • Roctane, Body Glide and Chia stock up.
  • Sleep. Water. Repeat.


I still can’t believe it is only 10 days away!