Angie Goff is an Emmy award winning journalist who anchors the weekend editions of News4 Today on NBC Washington. She’s also a host of “The Rundown” on NBC Washington Nonstop. Angie realized the power and impact of social media early and uses that expertise in her reports.  The new mom has a popular blog that covers social media matters, trends and community highlights. A military brat, Angie is dedicated to helping veterans and is a big supporter of The Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Over the years, how have you learned to balance career and motherhood?

I’m still trying to figure that one out. Everyday is a challenge. I admit, some days I think I can’t make it… you’re so tired, drained. But there’s something that Adora does to me. She’s only 24 pounds but finds a way to give me strength and energy I didn’t know existed.

Is there one particular parenting lesson you’ve learned about raising kids?

Raise them from the beginning (I mean birth!) the way you want them to behave later. This was tremendous help when we were trying to establish a sleep pattern.

Battling stress? Any advice?

Even when it rains I force myself to get outside. So many of us spend our day pent up in an office.. or the house. It’s amazing what fresh air, even for 10 minutes, even in the rain can do for you. 

Tools or products you can’t live without?

I love my Bob Stroller, iPhone (we facetime with everyone– baby loves it!), Mum Mums rice cracker snacks, Jacadi velour jumpsuit (sooo soft!)

Do you have an inspirational quote, motto or philosophy you can share with us?

If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day.That’s a heck of a day. -Jim Valvano

Favorite resources, books, or website?

O Magazine,,, Book “Spit That Out”

Any other projects you are working on right now?

MICHEL at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner continues it’s Dinner with Benefits program. This time they’re helping local children with cancer. For two nights a week, five percent of the proceeds from every Dinner with Benefits meal will be donated to and awesome group Teardrops to Rainbows beginning October 4. Teardrops to Rainbows is based in Fairfax, Virginia providing support, services and financial assistance to area children with cancer and their families. More info at

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Angie and her daughter Adora