Well, kids. It is official. Tomorrow is the big day…. the 2011 Baltimore Marathon.

As I have mentioned before, this race is important for SO MANY REASONS. It is not just another marathon. Not just another medal. Not just another one of those “crazy things that people do.” Nope.


It is about Lori’s (above) personal journey of weight loss (105 pounds) and personal transformation. It is about one woman’s mind shift from “not being able to walk a mile” to running FREAKING 26.2 miles.

It is big stuff. The kind of stuff that changes your life and inspires strangers to give their dreams a try.

I feel privileged to be a part of it.

My official objective for the race is to GET THE GIRL ACROSS THE FINISH LINE. I am part entertainment committee, part coach and part soul sister. There is no guarantee that our trio (Lori, Katie and I) won’t cry once we cross the finish line. In fact, I think that is a given… I am already so proud of her accomplishments.

Okay, enough of all that serious stuff! We leave later today to head out to Baltimore. We’re staying in town to ensure the maximum amount of uninterrupted-by-children-and-husbands sleep time. We’re bringing ridiculous amounts of GU, Body Glide, chia seeds, Gatorade and peanut butter with us. We’ve got matching Aztec Warrior race shirts. We’re giddy with anticipation… WE ARE READY!

If you want to follow along on the journey, you can track us via this nifty T-Mobile runner tracking option. I am bib 1243. T-Mobile has also set it up so that my Twitter account will automatically tweet my progress. How cool is that?