Marathon weekend came and went and I’m happy to report that… we conquered!

The Baltimore Marathon was the fourth marathon I have participated in. It is my opinion that each marathon is its own unique experience and will be forever remembered as such. Besides being my pal Lori’s first marathon, the Baltimore Marathon will forever remain ingrained in my mind for its H I L L S. (11 miles of them, to be exact. Or so Lori figured out.)

Obviously, I’m still a little sore. (Not to mention walking down stairs backwards.)

Here’s the rundown:

Although we live close enough to drive, our little group decided it be best to rent a room near to the event to ensure maximum sleepage. (Sleepage is a word, right?) Of course, sleeping was second priority next to food. (Hey, what good is all that running if a girl can’t get a decent meal?) We had the most scrumptious marathon eve meal of burgers and wine at Pratt Street Ale House. Best. Burger. Ever.

Race day was fantastic. The weather was perfectly cool and crisp. Ideal running weather, to be sure.

We had agreed ahead of time that this marathon would be one that we (especially Lori) would enjoy. No time goals. No pressure. We stopped to take pictures along the way, we enjoyed the scenery (well, SOME of the scenery, Baltimore has some less than lovely places that the marathon happens to run through and those place require police protection) and really soaked up the experience.

My nemesis the IT band made a throbbing appearance around mile 16 but luckily there was a medical tent nearby so I got some assistance. Crisis averted. Because 10 miles of throbbing pain would have been less-than-pleasant. Can I say that again? Less. Than. Pleasant.

Do we look happy? Of course we do! By the way, Lori and I earned a second medal called the Maryland Double for completing the combination of Frederick Half-Marathon and Baltimore Full Marathon. It is large and heavy and difficult to wear. I heart it.

A huge shout out to the staff and volunteers of the Baltimore Running Festival who provided the best race support that I have ever experienced on a course. Always enough water. Always enough Gatorade. Plenty of Power Gels, food, bathrooms and medical attention available. It was a well-oiled machine in terms of attention to detail.

As I feared, Lori was instantly addicted and looking towards her second marathon. (Darn Katie totally rubbed off on her.) And as for Katie, she runs the New York Marathon and the JFK 50 in November. She is nuts. (But I love her.)

And now to figure out my next big goal. Hmm… any suggestions?