It was called “America’s version of the royal wedding.” Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ nuptials were an extravaganza of major proportions costing them over $10 million.

And now it is reportedly OVER. In a mere 72 days. If you do the math it cost them approximately $138,888.88 per day to be wed.

It is laughable.

And incredibly sad.

Whatever happened to real love and real marriage? The death-till-us-part kind? The kind that weathers the storm? The kind that sucks one day and is glorious the next? The kind where two people work together and play together and love together?

What the hell are these celebrities teaching our children?

I’ll tell you what. They are teaching them to be fickle and disloyal and insincere. They are teaching them that marriage is not sacred. That love is fleeting and can be easily replaced.

My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary last week. FIFTEEN YEARS.

Are there hard times?  Hell, yes.

Are there glorious times?  Absolutely.

Is marriage easy?  Not even close.

Is true love even possible anymore?  I’m living proof of it.

Now I am sure Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries didn’t envision themselves divorced so swiftly but I am not convinced that they even gave their union a fighting chance. How can you possibly say you “worked” at your marriage when you didn’t even give it three months?

Again, I say… so sad.

BTW – If you are still reeling from the dollar figure I tossed out earlier,  don’t cry for the couple. They’ll be just fine.  Much of the over-the-top event was completely free.  In fact, they were  reported to have made $17.9 million from the resulting E! four-hour, two-part TV special. (Not including the  $2.5 million People Magazine paid them for their photos, natch.)

Update – found this photo on Facebook. No idea who created it or I would credit. What do YOU think? (The cynic in me had to laugh.)