I’m at an impasse with Christmas.

I have absolutely no idea what to gift the tweens this year. All either boy wants is… TECHNOLOGY. Yep, that is pretty much it.

  • Phones
  • Video games
  • iPads
  • Computers
  • TVs … and on and on and on.

Gone are the days of action figures and Hot Wheels. Now everything on their lists have micro-circuitry and price tags in the triple digits. How fun.

I pretty much need to take out a second mortgage to afford this year’s wish list.

The frustrating thing is that the boys can’t name one other thing they desire other than technology. I get the old “surprise me” phrase when I press the subject. They don’t even have a suggestion for Santa. They are giving him the same line.


The result of this conundrum is me feeling woefully unprepared while endlessly surfing the Internet for anything remotely cool,  unique and reasonably priced.

Hours of fun I tell you. Hours. Of. Fun.

Anyone else experiencing this? Got any tips for me? Or SANTA?