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The Royal Wedding: I’m Just Not That Into It

I have a confession to make… I’m so not into this whole “Royal Wedding” thing.

I. Just. Don’t. Get. The. Big. Deal.

I have many friends who are completely enthralled with the upcoming nuptials of Kate and what’s-his-name. (See, I can’t even recall his name at the moment. That is how detached I am from this experience.) In fact, my pal Lara was just quoted in the New York Times about it. (Wow, by the way. Kudos to Lara.)

I find the hulabaloo rather intense and uncomfortable. (There is even a website with a live stream of the ceremony. And, ahem, an official Twitter stream. And a Lego mega-creation.) And estimated two billion people are expected to tune in. WHY, MAY I ASK, IS THIS SO IMPORTANT TO THE WORLD?

In my quest to find others with the same viewpoint, I went searching across the Internets and found this Tweet from Fake AP Stylebook: “About 176,938 reporters are covering the Royal Wedding, or three for every person actually interested in the story.” HA. Glad to know that I am not alone. At least a little bit.

I’m not really certain as to why the upcoming Royal Wedding has me so uninspired. After all, many years ago, I myself was riveted to the television watching Princess Diana wed Prince Charles in a fantasy wedding. Of course, I was 10 at the time and still all about fairy tales and Prince Charming.

What is wrong with me? Am I just jaded? Am I insensitive?

Perhaps. I think partly it is because I see so many other things in the world that truly benefit from this type of focused interest or attention. (Like Mission of Mercy or  Girl Up.)

I know one thing, however, come Friday morning you won’t likely find me watching the festivities while drinking tea and eating scones.

As a side note: I do, of course, hope that their marriage succeeds. Why wouldn’t I? My sincere wish is that Kate Middleton assumes a humanitarian role similar to that of her future husband’s mother Diana. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Now THAT I would eat a scone for!

8 Responses to "The Royal Wedding: I’m Just Not That Into It"

  1. Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things)
    Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things) 4 years ago .

    Well I would eat a scone for just about anything, but I am with you on this one. I mean if the wedding were on at 2pm or something sure I would watch it. But I probably won’t set my alarm :-)

  2. Mrs. MidAtlantic
    Mrs. MidAtlantic 4 years ago .

    I’m always up for tea and scones. In fact, perhaps I will bake some scones this week… With cinnamon chips! Oh, these scones are so on.

  3. julia
    julia 4 years ago .

    i get it. it’s a “fairy tale”… a prince and her charming princess. PLUS, the hype behind diana and now someone who is similar to her to “take her spot” … i get it. but i’m not all that into it either. sure, i’d like to see the dress, but that’s about it.

    i’ll be sleeping in that day.

  4. JennieG
    JennieG 4 years ago .

    Scones are my fav. Might be a good excuse to eat them if I am tuning in to the wedding, huh?

  5. Lori
    Lori 4 years ago .

    Pip Pip! Cherrio, Prince and future Princess of Wales!

  6. JennieG
    JennieG 4 years ago .

    Oh how funny!

  7. Cam - Bibs & Baubles
    Cam - Bibs & Baubles 4 years ago .

    you are totally not alone! I’ve been holding it in because it seems like i’m in the minority on this one. My goodness – it’s just overkill! Doesn’t help that I work in TV – it’s all anyone can talk about around these parts!

  8. jennyonthespot
    jennyonthespot 4 years ago .

    I’m with you… Whatevs…