One of my most favorite bloggers is Jenny of Jenny on the Spot. She is funny, irreverent and frankly, makes me smile.  I was thumbing through her blog the other day and her post  on Elliptical Sabotage, Sausage Links and Beachy Hair with Twists completely inspired a new series on this blog.

I don’t really have a snazzy title for it but it will run on Fridays and basically cover a day of mine in pictures.

Because… why not?

I personally love stuff like this. (Bit of an Instagram fanatic, actually)

So here is my super-exciting-can’t-believe-I-have-this-fabulous-life-aren’t-you-jealous-day in pictures:

5:00am – Treadmill

Since receiving the Fitbit for Christmas, I have been obsessed. OBSESSED, I tell you. I am competing with my husband as to who can hit the most steps by the end of the day. What I have discovered through this competition is that my husband is SNEAKY. Really sneaky. As in running-up-and-down-our stairs-like-a-maniac-while-I-am-in-the-other-room kind of sneaky.

10:00am – Baby!

I call her the “golden child.” She is a scant couple of days old and tiny, tiny, tiny. Makes me miss babies in a huge way. Not enough to open the factory back up, but still….

4:00pm – ADDY Drop off (VOLT)

I am co-chairing the AAF-GF ADDY Awards and the drop off for entries was held at this swanktastic restaurant in Frederick. (Just look at the the above floral arrangement for crying out loud.) I admit, I’ve never eaten at VOLT because, the pricing is a little… well, pricey. But one day I’ll take the hubby there for a celebration. (Unless he keeps pulling that Fitbit nonsense.)

5:00pm – Pleading for help…

My kids are so dramatic. We’ve instituted a couple of ‘no tv’ days in our house and our kids are acting like we are torturing them. I received the following text from my son while at the ADDY drop off event: “Help me please because dad is making me study and after that then he is going to test me and I am mad because I don’t want to study since I are ready did it and I don’t want to do the testing. Can you text him saying that I do not want to study anymore?” The son without the phone texting capability called me to beg to be let out of book reading jail. You know what this tells me? WE NEED MORE TV TURN OFF NIGHTS.

So what was YOUR day like?