You know that slogan, “America Runs on Dunkin’?”

They created that for me.

If there is one thing this gal is obsessed with, it is Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee.

I know there are Starbucks loyalists out there cringing and shaking their fist at me right now and frankly, I don’t care.

We are a Dunkin family.

So, imagine how thrilled the hubby and I were to be invited to a DD social in my town. (If I hadn’t resolved in 2012 to squelch the “squee” response, I would definitely go there.)

We had a great time, mingled with some fantastic folks and even got a chance to taste a bunch of menu items we hadn’t tried yet. (Incidentally, sausage pancake bites are to die for. I prefer to think of them as diet food. As in, essential to my diet.)

Thanks @dcdunkin for a really fun morning!