Has a week gone by already? I guess that means it is time to once again document another super-exciting-can’t-believe-I-have-this-fabulous-life-aren’t-you-jealous-day in pictures:

(Sans the medication and used tissues. You’re welcome.)

8:23am – Out The Door

I can’t catch a break with this kid. I’m either begging him to put on a winter coat FOR GOD’S SAKE or pleading with him to INGEST SOME SUSTENANCE before beginning his day. The little whirling dervish is out the door before I even know what hit me. (Not enough coffee in the world, I tell you.)

9:10am – Coffee, Blogging & Me

My appointment was late so I got a rare opportunity to sit down and work on the blog. There’s something about a quaint coffee shop that really gets my creativity flowing.

11:00am – The Garden- Launched!

We just launched a new site for The Garden at 147. (A creative co-op between Want2Grow? Marketing, Mary Kate McKenna Photography and Think Baseline.) It is such a fun collaboration, it is hard to believe it is actually work. (Not to mention the fact that Amy and I got to be photographed in a wheelbarrow.)

9:00pm – A Little Light Reading?

Each month in 2012 I’m going to try to read two books – one fiction and one business oriented. Well, I’ve already read three novels so far this month, so I’m trying to choose one with a more professional slant. The ultimate winner? No Bullshit Social Media by Jason Falls & Erik Deckers. I’ll fill you in when I finish!

Note: All photos were taken with my iPhone and various camera apps and filters.

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