Wow. The week really flew by!

I must confess that I slightly feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck.

For starters, my baby turned 11 years old on Wednesday. It just boggles the mind, I tell you. Wasn’t he just a drooling mess in a onsie only yesterday? Sure seems like it to me…

In the midst of the birthday fun, it has also been a big week at the office with a couple of projects colliding into one small timeframe. (Isn’t that how it always happens?)

I tried to document my day yesterday but it was such a complete trainwreck that I think I fell short. At least I got a workout in. It had to happen at 4:30am but I am proud to say that it did indeed happen.

In any event, here is a bit of a recap of Thursday:

9:00am – Office

What a jam packed day! Multiple conference calls, projects and deadlines to juggle and only 1/2 of a day to do it in. I’m telling you what, I had a hard time breathing. Ever look at your schedule and just PANIC? That completely happened. (Obviously I survived in tact. I’m such a drama queen sometimes.)

2:30pm – ADDY Program Pictures

I probably should explain this one a bit, although I am tempted to just shoot it out to the Internets and let you all think I am nutso. I think I have mentioned before that I am co-chairing the ADDY Awards in my area for our chapter of the American Advertising Federation. The theme is CLUE (as in the game) and we’ve opted for a bit of retro glamour feel for the awards gala. It was requested of us to take some leadership photos in this style. My business partner Amy delved right into it and came up with these costumes. (She is the most creative person ever.) I can’t wait to see the final photos. They will be ridiculous and fun, I am sure!

6:00pm – Big Fish, Small Pond

Drew Ungvarsky, Owner and Creative Director ofGrow Interactive out of Norfolk, VA gave a fascinating talk aboutdeveloping an internationally recognized, digital team in a small market. Growworks for some of the worlds premier brands and top advertising agencies including Sprint, Google, Toyota, Motorola, and Wendys. (To name a few!) He was a fascinating speaker and a really great guy to spend time with.

I got home around 10:15pm last night and collapsed. Can you blame me?