One of the greatest things about being an entrepreneur is having the freedom to design my own space. I am a firm believer in productivity and inspiration being tied to one’s surroundings.

(Couple that belief with an outrageous obsession with office supplies and well, you see where this is going, don’t you?)

5 Office Gear Must-Haves:

Like a rainbow in your desk drawer! These silicone trays are the ideal size for keeping together all of those small desk items like paper clips or sticky notes.  Love ’em.

Everyone needs file folders. Why not add a little humor to your day? (Just don’t bring them to your client meeting!) 

This eraser pretty much says it all. If you need a spicier version, you can find others at this site that will suite your needs. 🙂

I am totally doing this by the way. I have an empty space on my wall begging for a couple of these clipboards. Brilliantly simple, no?

Looking for a modern feel? This Buro Set contains a stapler, USB port hub, calculator, hole punch, calendar and more. Uber-cool and functional.