My pal **cough, cough** Sue ( introduced me to a new goal for 2012. A goal that I have only loosely been paying attention too up until this moment.

A goal that has now lit a fire under my a$$.


The reason I say I was only “loosely paying attention” to it is because I am, apparently, a snob. Or worse, too cocky.  Because, I am a runner, right? I run marathons. So therefore, it is easy to assume that logging 500 miles should be a snap, correct?


I haven’t been keeping up with or recording my mileage. There. I said it. So I find myself, on February 26th, with a whopping 28 miles recorded. Of course, being a competitive wench, I was actually hoping to do more like 1000 miles this year.

If my calculations are correct, to hit 500 miles by year end I would need to walk/run 10 miles a week or 21+ miles a week to hit 1,000.

So I am throwing this out there to the Internets…Who wants to join in with me?

The goal is to run/walk/crawl 500 – 1,000 miles in 2012.  Don’t give me any grief, you can totally do this. Anyone can. Of note: There is a fantastic Facebook group to keep everyone motivated as well.

It is time to hit the treadmill kids.