When my son began his Invisalign treatment he had just turned 12 and was a brand-spanking new middle schooler. The sixth grade transition was a tough one for him and frankly, adding the Invisalign treatment to his plate concerned my husband and I a bit. (Especially considering that my little guy doesn’t do well with change.) 

Of course, all of our worry turned out to be wasted as we soon found out that Invisalign was an incredibly simple plan to follow.

It was relatively pain free.

It was easy to use.

It turned my geeky 12 year old into a bit of a rockstar, considering how many of his friends became  jealous of his non-metal smile.

It has been six months now and we’re seeing such an improvement in his teeth. The bottom level has completely shifted and become wider. The upper level is now beginning to move into place. It is fascinating to watch.

I thought it might be fun for a change to get a little input on Invisalign from the boy himself. (Fair warning – he is a total goofball.)

Disclosure: I’m part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son is receiving free Invisalign treatment so that we could share our honest experiences.