In Support of New York’s Race to Recover Marathon Fund #ingnycm

I’ve cancelled my participation in the New York Marathon at least one hundred times in my head.


I’ve been wrestling for days with the choice of staying home as a gesture of relief for a city fighting desperately to recover from Hurricane Sandy or  participating as both a symbolic and financial supporter of a region in need.

Both choices are correct and yet incorrect at the same time.


After much research, consulting with friends who live and the city and many hours of watching the news and discussing it with my running partner Katie, I’ve made a decision – I’M NOT GOING.

But I am going to do what I can to aid New Yorkers impacted by Hurricane Sandy. And hopefully, you are going to help me!

The New York Road Runners has created what they are calling the 2012 ING New York City Marathon Race to Recover Fund. They plan to donate at least $1 million, or $26.20 for each of the more than 40,000 runners expected to participate in the race. The Marathon Race to Recover Fund will support a number of charities involved in relief efforts, including the Mayor’s Fund and the American Red Cross.

Won’t you consider matching their efforts with me?

If everyone reading this blog would donated $26.20, we could make a huge impact!

  • To donate through the Mayor’s Fund, please click here.
  • Visit NYRR’s fundraising platform CrowdRise, to donate to a variety of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

I am incredibly sad about deferring but ultimately, I feel it is the right thing to do.

New York, you’ll see me in 2013!

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  1. Dipaolamomma
    Dipaolamomma 3 years ago .


  2. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    I think you made the right decision!!! Donating now.

  3. Nick Craig
    Nick Craig 3 years ago .

    It was interesting to read your post and I am sure it was such a tough decision. I also found an interesting post on the cancellation of the marathon written by Toby Tanser (a NYC running legend) and here it goes:

    So, I sit here with about 400-emails to answer. To runners who signed up to do this race, the majority who signed up not just to run, but to raise money for a purpose. Who then, when they heard, or saw firsthand Hurricane Sandy AGAIN donated. Runners; the changemakers. To the ones who saved up for years, like the A
    borigines group with Rob De Castella – a once in a lifetime experience, how can we apologize? To the man whose dying daughter gave me an entry to this year’s marathon who has raised thousands for cancer research. To runners in a whole who have raised a mind boggling 650-million for Cancer research…
    Sunday will come and Sunday will go – as if it was a Saturday.

    No resources are being shifted that aren’t needed– who knows better than Bloomberg, you or I? The Red Cross are saying “We don’t need more volunteers, we need money,” and that is what the runners were doing. Who was listening to the Red Cross?

    Raising Dollars — in the first day near to $3-million before the fanfare started… All these people who are shouting, “We’re going on a clean up on Sunday instead on running” – where were you on the day of the hurricane, or the day after… Why do you have to wait to Sunday for a Clean up?
    We, as a city, voted Mayor Bloomberg to make the executive decisions; he spoke with the police, the fireman, all the city agencies who repeatedly said, “This will be good for NYC.”

    I can not tell you how many Firemen I met at the expo who were looking forward to this race, who were excited for this race… Anyway, many problems are deeper lying than the obvious… but as a Board Member of the NYRR I know I have to apologize to each and everyone of these runners. I hear all your stories and I feel pain. Am truly sorry. Every story I hear makes me feel terrible, and I know the pains, trials and tribulations you took to arrive to get to this day. What a sad resolution


    I am sure it has been a hard decision for all parties involved.

    Also found a great link with a <a href =";
    map of volunteer stations in NYC for all interested in giving a helping hand.

  4. Nick Craig
    Nick Craig 3 years ago .

    somehow the link came out wrong, here is the correct map link: