Okay, this is not exactly the post I had planned today but the stars have aligned and for some reason my domestic efforts HAVE NOT FAILED. At least for today.

Proof #1:


The Christmas Cactus that I have had for three years has suddenly {read: miraculously} decided to bloom. Not once have I ever seen this baby look anything other than sad. Can I get an AMEN from the crowd?

Proof #2:

That is right. LASAGNA. Done by 6:30am in preparation for tonight’s no-meat-on-Fridays-Lenten-feast. People, I don’t do this but once a year. Please give me a virtual round of applause for both feeding my family and accomplishing a multi-step recipe before my first cup of coffee.

Proof #3:

A HAIRCUT. I realize that prior to getting a haircut, he kind of looked like Pauly D from Jersey Shore, but I promise you that as of this morning the boy’s mop is actually under control and looking spiffy. The heavens are, indeed, celebrating. (As an aside, his father IS from New Jersey so we can just blame him, right?)

And that is my post. It is no secret that I am not a domestic goddess, but damn it my kids have haircuts, my cactus is blooming and dinner is made. BOOM.