File this under “who the hell is this girl and why is she texting my 12 year old son about being lonely in her bedroom?”

My head is about to explode.

My 12 year old son is experiencing his first go round with the opposite sex. He has been on and off again with a girl I will call “Ann.” (I really should nickname her Jezebel but I am being nice.) Their relationship consists mostly of texting and saying hello to each other in school.

No big deal.

Until the stupid girl games started. And now my head hurts.

First the girl broke up with him (via text, of course) because her friends all told her that she could “do better.” (Ouch.) Then she kept texting him because she apparently really wanted to be friends or more but she didn’t want her friends to know. (Oh brother.) Then they were dating. Then they were not. Then they were friends again.

And then this past Saturday night in the middle of a texting conversation together, she sent him this zinger… “Hey I was wondering… do you want to visit me in my bedroom, sexy?” Then she asked him for a picture of his private area.

I know, right? She is 12.

And he had no idea what to say. So thank the Lord he decided not to say anything at all. (And that he showed the texts to his father and I because he was so taken aback.) The conversation lingered on a bit where she continued to talk about how lonely she was in her room and could he come visit?

Oh. My. Freaking. Word.

First girl. First phone.

It could have beenΒ  much worse. She could have sent a picture. He could have answered inappropriately. Her father could have found the text.

I know this is only going to get worse the older he gets.

So I am sending the question out to the universe to all of the moms who have been through this or worse… how do you handle situations like this?