Have you ever notices that morning routines seem to be segmented into waves of chaos activity?

I was chatting with my neighbor about this very thing the other day. She has two huge waves of activity in her house, I have three. Another pal of mine has five. (I’ve got nothing but respect for that woman, let me tell you.)

My mornings consist of  prepping for the day, helping get my husband off to work, my kids to separate schools and my own butt to work by a reasonable hour.

Wave One  – Miscellaneous Parental Unit Activities (4:30-6:15)

  • 4:30am Workout. (Hopefully) Coffee (Critical) Help husband get out the door prior to 6:15am. (His commute is a nightmare.) Sneak in a shower. (Because… ewwww.)

Wave Two  – Middle Schooler (6:30 – 7:15am)

  • Wake up tired, grumpy middle school boy. Convince him to wear something that matches and that deodorant is not optional. Feed tired middle school boy. Reassure him that he will get to play video games when he gets home. (How many times must one child ask this question? I swear it is all he cares about.) Get him OUT THE DOOR.

Wave Three – Elementary Schooler/Mom (7:17 – 8:30am)

  • Wake up tired, grumpy elementary school boy. Tap foot and wait impatiently while he takes a trillion  years to get ready. Drink second (or third!) cup of coffee. Beg, plead an bargain to get youngest child to eat breakfast. Run around the house like a mad woman in an attempt to get a brush through my hair and makeup on. Get boy OUT THE DOOR. Get myself OUT THE DOOR.

If any portion of this routine takes longer or goes off schedule then the morning becomes one hell of a tidal wave. No scratch that. it becomes a Tsunami. Tempers flare. Tensions rise and we all end up a bloody mess.

As long as I can can keep the house on schedule,  no one gets hurt. KnowwhatImean?

How about you? What is your morning like? Waves or a Tsunami?