I have an adorably gawky, skinny and slightly offbeat 12-year-old living under my roof. He has impossibly curly hair that I admit, tends to resemble that of Seinfeld’s Kramer and he is entering  awkward teen years at rapid speed.

When the boy entered 6th grade I pretty much wrote off his social life. I mean, I’d been there and done that. I, myself was the  picture of a middle school tragedy complete with early boob development, bad coordination and absolutely no social skills. As you can imagine, my life pretty much stunk. (But that is another blog post all together, trust me.)

Except my little man has a secret weapon that I didn’t. He has braces. And apparently those things have propelled him into the stratosphere of adolescent popularity.

All because he has Invisalign.  Not. Even. Joking.

The minute he got them his whole world turned around.  Tons of kids started asking questions and the boy became the go-to guy for the skinny on invisible braces. (Most frequently asked questions and answers below.)

  •  Do they hurt? Nope.
  • What do you eat? Everything, I just take them out and can totally eat whatever. I just gotta brush my teeth after. No problem.
  • Can you sleep in it? Duh. Yeah. (Insert eye roll here.)
  • Are you sure they don’t hurt? Can you take them out for soccer? Nope. I keep ‘em in all the time.
  • Dude. I can’t see them.  That’s no fair!  Snicker.

So, besides the fact that my son has oodles of teens swirling about him at all times asking to look in his mouth, he is also getting in plenty of chat time with, ahem… the ladies. Seems a couple of very pretty 8th grade girls are interested in Invisalign themselves. So naturally he is the the guy they talk to about the process.

He is becoming quite the playa.

Totally cracks me up.

I believe we may have inadvertently created a monster.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son is receiving free Invisalign treatment so that we could share our honest experiences.