I’ve been a blogging mess lately. For the past three weeks I have been completely stymied when it comes to my blog.

Writer’s block?

Yep. I’ve got it.

The blank screen mocks me every evening almost daring me to produce one intelligent or witty phrase.

And I can’t.

So I don’t.

Instead I have turned elsewhere focusing on nurturing my creativity in other ways.  (Which I am happy to report, seems to be working. Slowly but surely.) 

Here’s what I have been up to while I wasn’t fully with you:

My new desk. My office rearranged.

It is vintage and functional and although it is a work in progress,  I am completely in love with it. By the way, the desk is not actually a “desk” at all, it is a farm table purchased from Chartreuse & Co.

I’m also working on this project for my bedroom:

I can’t wait to finish this baby. I’ve painted most of the furniture in my bedroom white and antiqued them with sandpaper. This little ditty will serve as a coffee table. Next on my list are some old shutters that my mother found at a garage sale. They are going to be challenge, I think. I’ll share progress photos along the way.

I have to say that expressing myself creatively, even if it isn’t in writing, still feeds my soul. I have a feeling that it will stimulate my blogging as well.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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