I write a weekly column on “Tweet Nothings” for Want2Dish.com.  this week I’m talking about the new wave in extreme dieting. Read on…


I remember in 7th grade there was a rumor going around that our science teacher had had her mouth wired shut as part of some extreme diet plan. My 12-year-old self spent months puzzling over her weight loss tactic while watching her sipping her food through a straw in an effort to regain her girlish figure.

I could never resolve why anyone would want to go to such extremes to lose a couple of pounds.

I am quite a bit older now (ahem) and, as fate would have it, am locked in my own post-childbirth battle of the bulge.

I get frustrated. I get depressed. I get angry. I emotional eat.

Despite all of that, I still manage to keep my sanity…. unlike some.

The “some” I am referring to are the mentally unstable gals who are resorting to feeding tubes up their noses to lose a dress size or two.

Up. Their. Noses.


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