This is the post where I admit to being slightly ashamed to use the title “runner.”

I’ve been such a slacker, friends.

Doing a little running here. Kind of running there. But nary a consistent week to show for it. *hanging  head in shame*

And if I am being honest here, and I always am with the Internets, I really just wasn’t into it. I know, right?!



Surely the Apocalypse was soon to follow.

I am happy to report that slowly I’ve been able to pull myself out of that dark place where running wasn’t a priority and back into the light. Thank goodness, you know? Because I am pretty sure that I drove my husband batty.

Running has, and always will be, crucial to my overall mental well-being. I rely on a good run to give me sanity, clarity, inspiration and motivation. I work in an incredibly creative industry and without inspiration… you’ve got nothing.

In order to pull myself back together I decided to set some running goals for the year:

Big goals. No room for slacking.

Makes me feel better already.