There is something so endearing about postcards. In the digital world we live in, they are a sweet throwback to an era gone bye.  Tangible, inexpensive, yet meaningful.

If you feel the same way that I do about postcards, you’ll fall in love with Postagram. Postagram enables you to send your Instagram (and other) photos via snail mail in a thoroughly unique and memorable way.

Note: You will need either an  iPhone or Droid as well as an Instagram account to utilize this tool. (A web app is also available for this tool.)

So simple:

  • Use the app or site to upload your photo
  • Add a message (140 characters allowed)
  • Pay $.99 fee
  • Send

Coolness factor: The picture is printed at 300 dpi on a heavy photo paper and comes surrounded by a postcard, from which the print can be “popped out.”

Nifty tip:  Next time you find yourself at  networking event or conference and want to make an impression, take a photo with a new acquaintance and before the evening ends, use the app to send them a quick postcard. A few days later they’ll receive a great reminder of your meeting. So cool!