My friends and I call it the “tiny little clip of guilt.” The Fitbit Ultra has been my constant companion since opening it up Christmas morning of last year. (As in, I wear it every single day. Without fail.)

Aside from my iPhone, I can honestly say that if I were to lose it or it somehow broke, I would run (not walk) to the nearest Best Buy in order to get it replaced.

It is absolutely that fantastic.

This incredibly inconspicuous  tech device essentially measures your motion patterns to tell you your steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, vertical climbs and sleep quality. It is so much more than a traditional pedometer.

And it is very easy to use. You just clip it on your bra or put it in your pocket. It’s so petite that no one will know you’re wearing it, unlike some of the other models I have tried which made wearing  while sporting professional or evening wear impossible.

And the stats? I am completely addicted to the stats. I have a minimum daily requirement for myself (10,000) constantly striving to do more. As you know, I have a desk job so keeping track of my progress and incorporating physical activity into my day is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nary an evening goes by where you won’t find me quickly jogging in place beside my nightstand trying to get in the last couple hundred before retiring for the evening. (What? You think that is weird? Okay. You’ve got me there. I probably DO look completely ridiculous jogging in my pajamas. C’est la vie!) 

The Fitbit syncs wirelessly to its base station, so anytime it  is within range, your stats are synced automagically. : ) There is also an app (squee!)  making it ridiculously easy to check on your progress.

For those looking to make changes in their physical activity levels, Fitbit Ultra is key. I never knew how sedentary my work day was until tracking it with the Fitbit. It serves as a motivator and accountability partner all rolled up into one.

And you don’t have to go it alone, either. You can sync up with friends who are using the device as well (competition, anyone?) and even participate in challenge groups for extra incentives. And if you are fond of gaming, Fitbit also awards badges based on accomplishments. What is not to love?

Now, if you are not a data head you will be happy to know that you can now view your stats in a more fun or useful way via  Notch. Notch creates sweet infographics from your Fitbit data. Here’s mine.  Apparently, last month I walked the 157 miles around Halley’s Comet 1.21 times. I know, right?

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