It is a tough thing, being a working mom.

You feel guilty because you are not with the kids enough.

You feel guilty because you are not at work enough.

You need to take care of your husband, your family, your clients, your dog (or lizard in our case), your mother, your brother, your in -laws and every other person in the world.

And in caring for everyone else, you forget to really care for yourself. Oh sure… you muddle through. You scrape by. You exist.

But you don’t THRIVE. How could you? You are not taking care of the most important thing – YOURSELF.

I made a decision in April to put myself back on the priority list. To recapture my health and physical well-being.

I’m not asking for much here, people.

I just want to fit back into my old clothes. You know, the ones that are currently hanging in my spare closet taking up space because I can’t fit my CURRENT BODY into them.

Ladies, you know what I am talking about.

As part of “priority me” (Yeah, I just totally made that up on the fly. It’s got a nice ring to it) I’ve taken some real action steps:

  • I joined Weight Watchers online
  • I began weight training , the Insanity workout and yoga

So far I’ve lost 7.7 pounds and I hurt like a mother. But I am getting there. Slowly but surely. And let me tell you, the pride I feel in putting myself first and working towards my goal is unparalleled.

You know, it is amazing how much our weight can effect us. I am, by no means, obsessive about the scale but still I find myself gaining more confidence with each passing day.

And as a result, I am becoming a more efficient worker, and a more patient and joyful parent. My family is supporting me and joining with me on walks. My co-workers are helping me stay on track.

I’m almost ready to make my first “shopping trip” back into the spare closet to see what I can fit into. THAT will be a great day.

Are you making yourself a priority? What can you do this minute to make a change in your life?