Did you celebrate national running day?

National running day is a day where people around the county gather to officially celebrate their love of pounding the pavement. And although I’ve barely slept in the past few days (long story involving a business convention and copious amounts of alcohol) and have spent 12 hours travelling, I most certainly felt compelled to join in and log a couple of miles on the treadmill in solidarity.

The night before I left for the aforementioned convention, I attended a fantastic running party in DC hosted by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell of Another Mother Runner fame.

Women from all over the tri-state area gathered to celebrate their passion for the sport. Together we shared war stories. We compared notes on injuries. We discussed spousal and offspring support. We talked sports bras, GU and chafing.

It was running geek nirvana.

In case you are not familiar, Dimity and Sarah have written two guides on being a successful running mom. The books are snappy, fun and filled with practical tips and advice for mothers who love/hate/need/want/cherish the sport of running:

Of course, they also have quite a running community as well. If you are interested, you’ll most definitely want to visit their site anothermotherrunner.com not only to relish in the camaraderie but also to find product reviews, training plans, tips and all-out-hilarity regarding what it takes to be a mother with such a crazy passion.

And if you’re a fan of podcasts like me, you’ll be happy to discover the duo’s weekly podcast also titled Another Mother Runner. Their mix of tangible advice, humor and personal stories are spot on.

As for my racing future, I’m mulling over a few upcoming events and trying to tie it into my New York Marathon training. A friend of mine is even trying to talk me into a Women’s triathlon in September. Yeah, not so sure about that one. First thing is, I can’t swim very well and secondly… UNITARD.

That is all I am saying.

U N I T A R D.

I’m not sure I could ever be caught wearing one in public. So the jury is out on the triathlon thing for now.