We’re halfway through our journey with Invisalign and the progress has been incredible thus far.

In a mere six months, Michael’s entire lower row of teeth are completely finished with the straightening process. Now, I’m not an orthodontist, so I am not familiar with response rates, but that seems pretty impressive in my book.

From this point on the treatment will be primarily focused on his upper level of teeth and moving them into their desired position.

Our biggest challenge to date has been keeping the trays clean while in use. My son is not a big fan of brushing his trays and tends to be more lax on this point then I would like him to be. Pre-teen boys and personal hygiene don’t mesh well sometimes. Sigh.

Of course, being a mom to pre-teens makes me naturally more aware of teen culture and celebrities. So I wasn’t surprised to find out some of my kid’s favorite celebrities using Invisalign as well.

For example:


Obviously, invisible braces are immensely appealing to teens whose image is their livelihood. (Truthfully, what teen ISN’T overly concerned about their image? Entertainment industry or not.) This alternative is heads and shoulders about traditional wire and bracket braces and they are  removable for eating, brushing and flossing.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son is receiving free Invisalign treatment so that we could share our honest experiences.