Last week I attended a conference in Austin, TX for the American Advertising Federation. Great conference. Brilliant people. Lots of alcohol. (I’m telling you, I should have built up my tolerance months ago.)

And while I won’t go into the details about my many days at the conference, I will give you a quicky synopsis based on this photo collage. I wish that I had more pictures to spare but alas, most were inside jokes and would be lost on this audience or would incriminate me in some way.

I kid.


Because I am a mother. Who doesn’t get out much.

So there is that.

My friend Megan and I had the distinct pleasure of accepting an award on behalf of the AAF-GF (I serve on the board) at the conference. It was a terrific honor for the club and I was especially grateful that I, the first year board member, was able to witness it.

Meet some of our new pals from District 2 in Pennsylvania. They were great people to spend time with and I’m really looking forward to possibly meeting up with them again in the fall. We met them the first day we arrived at the conference and they really took us under their wings. (As an aside, can someone tell me why exactly I look 100 years old in that specific picture? Not. Attractive. At. All.)

My most favorite picture from the conference is the black and white of Megan and I. We just look happy, don’t we? And who wouldn’t be happy in a photo booth at Handlebar? Handlebar is, as you may have guessed, a mustache bar. As in a bar filled with employees sporting intense facial hair. And it has a see-saw. Really. I can’t make this stuff up.

The featured drink in the photograph just so happens to be a Sidecar which is code for “knock you off of your feet in 10 seconds flat.” A big shout out of thanks to my new pal who, ahem, introduced me to the tasty treat. Come to find out the darn drink has cognac in it. (Which kind of explains a lot, actually.) It is pretty representative of Austin. Strong and unique.

The conference left me intensely inspired and ready to tackle my upcoming two year term on the board of my local organization. Sans Sidecar, of course.