It could happen, right?

Bwahahahaahah!!!  A man… who wants to clean while I run. Now THERE is my real fantasy. Lookout 50 Shades of Grey.


So let’s talk running, shall we?

If you are reading this, no doubt I am missing or have missed my scheduled long run for the week. Blasted. Soccer. Tournament.  Katie and Lori are off without me, travelling the trails of Frederick on their first “official” training run of marathon season.

And as much as I love my son and support his team sports, I do wish I could have kicked off marathon season with them. There is something special about training for a marathon with pals. The hours spent together through all types of weather in the wee small hours of the morning are nothing, if not bonding.

When you spend that kind of time together, you talk about nearly everything.

Its a blast.

Throughout the years (and various running partners) one thing has remained consistent – THE CONE OF SILENCE.

Our “cone of silence” centers around pretty much everything discussed on a long run. And believe me, there is A LOT discussed. From politics to business, home life and children to sex and world peace.

I’d fill you on on a bit more but, I’m not allowed.

It’s a runner thing.