I have, quite accidentally, stumbled upon the perfect summer dress.

The High Shore Wrap dress by Fresh Produce.

So versatile that I was able to wear it successfully to three very different functions – dinner at very upscale restaurant with colleagues, a blogger book party and a in industry function/awards social. It worked beautifully no matter the occasion or accessories.

As flattering as it is wearable, the dress  is incredibly stylish yet it still feels similar to wearing pajamas. (Seriously. It is the most comfortable dress I own, sans my other Fresh Produce dresses.) The faux wrap is adjustable and ties for a perfect fit. No unnecessary cleavage or peekaboo strap concerns. And it is available in a multitude of colors. (Hooray!)

Simply, the perfect spring/summer dress.

I don’t think I need to tell  you that when you happen upon a dress that is as comfortable as it is flattering, it is a minor miracle.

Not that I am surprised. I’m a big fan of this brand. Fresh Produce is well known for its original prints, vibrant colors and stylishly comfortable clothing, which incidentally, are all designed and created by CEO, Mary Ellen Vernon.

FP uses beautiful coastal-inspired colors with pieces that are both flattering and comfortable on all shapes and sizes. They also offer styles in Extra Fresh plus as well as children’s sizes.

Ideal beach dresses and cruise clothing, in case you aren’t familiar.

If you are looking for some relaxed, carefree and comfortable wear you need to hop on to their website and give this brand a look.

As an aside, don’t let the price tags deter you. These clothes are worth the investment. (Mine have been worn time and time again and are in perfect condition.) In fact, I’ve got my eye on their new Boardwalk dress. My biggest issue? Narrowing it down to just one color.

Or not. 🙂

Disclosure: Fresh Produce provided me with this outfit to review. All opinions are my own.