So much is swirling around this complex brain of mine. As I’ve hinted at previously, I have been going through a transitional period in the past few months.

And although I still consider myself “in transition,” I’ve making a strategic decision.

I’m about to take an intentional step forward.

I’m looking forward to seeing where it will lead me. And quite frankly, I’m not even a little bit afraid.

I’m being ridiculously cryptic, aren’t I?  Sorry about that.


Sometimes I wish this blog were anonymous. A place where I can spill all of my innermost feelings and life circumstances. But that is what journals are for. Not that I even have one. I actually have many. I love collecting them. I just never fill them. Insanely it is because I am too afraid someone will find and read it and come to understand the true, complex and slightly offbeat me.

No. It is best to keep that all locked up inside of my head.

You understand, right?

In the meantime, I leave you with this lovely quote that I found on Pinterest (no source or I would attribute)