I have an announcement to make. It is EARTH SHATTERING. It is MONUMENTAL. It is SUPER COLOSSAL and COMPLETELY EPIC.

Okay, not really.

I got my nose pierced.

My fabulous brother Joey took me to his most trusted tattoo parlor (um yes, you are reading that right) and walked me through the process. It was sibling bonding at its best.

Prior to doing the deed, something my brother said really hit me. He told a friend of his, “If you knew my sister, you would realize what a big deal this is. She doesn’t DO things like this.”

Oh boy did I hate hearing that. Because he was so WRONG and yet so RIGHT at the same time. I’ve always been the responsible one. The level-headed one. The appropriate one.


The thing is, I’ve been wanting this silly nose piercing for eons. Ask any of my close friends.  Or my husband. He finally got so sick of me talking about it last fall that he said, “Why don’t you just DO IT ALREADY?”  And for the record, he isn’t a fan of piercings or tattoos or any other such nonsense like that. Not. At. All.

So yesterday, I did what any self-respecting person would do in the middle of a sweltering Sunday afternoon… I went to get pierced.


What I mean by that is that I took a leap. I went for it.

And it was awesome. (And it looks super cute, dontcha think?) 

After years of agonizing about being appropriate or irresponsible I just decided that I can’t care about that anymore. I’m done with it. Oh, I’ll always be appropriate… within reason. But the whole stifling my personality or inner desires to satisfy other’s expectations of me is for the birds.

I mean, I’m 40 for God’s sake.

If not now…. WHEN?

Do you see where I am going with this? The simple piercing is symbolic of so many other aspects of my, and I suspect many other people’s, lives. Inner desires squelched. Regrets. If onlys….

What a shame.

So how about you? Be it simple or complex, is there anything in your life you are longing to do?  When was the last time you JUMPED?

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