You know that person?

The one you can call in the middle of the night because you had a disturbing dream about Duran Duran and WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN TO A GROWN WOMAN?

The one who, not only informs you when you have something green stuck in your teeth but also laughs heartily about it at your expense?

The one who makes an emergency book drop at your office because, OHMYGOD YOU JUST HAVE TO READ THIS TO BELIEVE IT?

The one who joins you on a “diet” only to randomly text you throughout the next few weeks informing you of her constant level of starvation?

The one that uses her teacher voice on you just to intimidate you into submission? (Low blow!)

The one that still maintains that the only reason people think you are younger is because you act so immature?

Well, THAT PERSON is celebrating a birthday today and the only way in which one can properly acknowledge that  type of event is to throw it up on the Interwebs for the world to see.

Happy, happy birthday to my dear sister Belinda. The cutest, sweetest and smartest gal around. Other than me, of course.