There is a new tool in the battle for weight loss.

It is a scale.

But not just ANY scale.

A SMART scale.

You know how much I love my Fitbit. It has been a faithful companion in my journey back to fitness. I can’t say enough about this fantastic little techie device.

I was pretty satisfied with that little discovery alone.

And yet, Fitbit has offered up a new device that I am equally excited about… the Aria Smart Scale. Forget what method you’ve used in the past, it is the easiest possible way to track your progress.

The Aria’s surface contains electrodes that send a small (but safe) signal through your body to measure and give you accurate data on your body’s fat and lean mass.

This allows it to accurately track your weight, % body fat, and BMI over time and also sync your weight data to your account through your wireless network.  Online charts and graphs will track your weight and body composition over time to help you understand exactly what’s happening. No more manual logging.

Bonus: You can invite up to seven other household members to set up an account on and track their progress as well. Of note, only the individual will be able to see their measurements, so all user data remains private.

It is simple and straight forward to set up as well. I did it in less than 10 minutes with complete success.

I personally love the BMI and body fat % information. I try very hard not to obsess over scale numbers so this has been a really valuable tool for me. My weight might not be changing but watching my body fat plunge is just as rewarding. (Sometimes even more so.) 

When combined with the Fitbit’s existing exercise, sleep and diet tracking you’ve got access to the most complete fitness program available.

Doubt me? I have a close friend who recently ditched her Weight Watcher’s program and instead is opting to track using the Fitbit tools.

It takes awesome to the next level, doesn’t it?

Disclosure: I received the Fitbit Aria to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.  I purchased the Fitbit Ultra myself.