For years now I have felt like I’ve had multiple social media personalities. 

Some know me as a marketer and a PR professional and communicate with me accordingly.

Others know me as  a blogger and also communicate with me accordingly.

But that is not all that I am, of course. I’m also a runner, a writer, a sometimes public speaker, an entrepreneur and, of course, a mother.

It can be a real challenge navigating the online world straddling two or more personas. How do you conduct yourself?  How do you connect them all? How do you effectively communicate your true self and interests to the online world?

For the longest time I’ve felt like I needed a tool to end my personal brand schizophrenia and take more control of the message I was sending.

I tried the traditional personal portals ( and but found them very limiting.

So I decided to work with a designer to create a customizable web page with the goal of  intertwining both my career and personal interests.

Here is the result:

I’m so happy with the results! (Click through to see the full page

I predict we are going to see more and more of this in the future. As social media grows and more people become cognizant of their personal brand, the need for a personal hub will grow.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that my site was designed by the brilliant team at Octavo Designs. So insightful. So patient and so damn talented! (Note, they designed my company website as well.) You should hire them. Really.