This week’s long run was so much better than last. Night and day, people.

Of course, instead of heat and humidity we were hit with rain. Can’t win for losing these days, I swear.

But we went anyway, of course. Because NYC looms in our future. And one must train now or die on the course later. (I’m being a little dramatic here but you get what I am saying.) 

Our intent this week was to hit the 12 mile mark but Lori has a running injury that flared up so we decided to cut the run a little short (9.5) to protect her from really damaging herself.

Except that I had the number 12 burned into my brain. I really wanted to accomplish it this week. So despite my body’s insistence that I was too tired, I grabbed my headphones and hit the treadmill at home for an additional two and a half mile run.

The above picture is me in all of my gross, sweaty glory after finishing. (Try not to be blinded by my beauty, okay? Heh.) 

I was exhausted. And giddy happy. Because I did it. Even though I didn’t want to.

Part of the reason I am  pushing myself so hard now is because of mile 15 in NYC … the Queensboro Bridge. The fifteenth mile of the marathon takes place almost entirely on the Queensboro Bridge. This bridge is constructed with the hardest concrete ever formulated by man. Last time that bridge and I met, it almost broke me. 

HATE, HATE, HATE that bridge and mile 15.

I  find myself romanticizing the idea of crossing that bridge with complete and total control, sailing across it with ease.

We will see.

As an aside – I always get questions about this shirt when I wear it out. So in case you are interested, I got the shirt from Another Mother Runner. Aside from the saying, which if I am being honest is the real reason I purchased it in the first place,  it is incredibly comfortable. Great investment!