I regret to inform you that I am a victim of a tragic and what could have been a potentially life threatening crime.

This is serious stuff.

Runner friends consider yourselves forwarned.

Thieves abound.

The story:

This week’s mileage was slated for 12 – 14 miles. We (the gals and I) awoke at 4am to prepare ourselves for the hot, humid and muggy morning predicted by meteorologists across the DC Metro region.

Katie, ever the Girl Scout, made a Gatorade drop near mile 7 of our route so that we could continue on without, you know, dying on the side of the road. (Because that would be bad.)  But when the time came to rehydrate, what we found was shocking.



Someone had made off with our stash.

The scene of the crime.

What was particularly insulting about this CRIME was that they took the Gatorade and the bag but carelessly discarded the ice packs Katie “so lovingly” packed to keep the drinks chilled.

What kind of a world do we live in? I ASK you.

No words.

These cold-hearted thieves obviously had little concern for the outcome of their actions. We could have DIED FROM LACK OF ELECTROLYTES!!!!!  OR wandered around dazed and confused only to have our lives cut short by oncoming traffic!!!

Oh the HUMANITY!!!

(Okay, I think I have made my point here. 11 exclamation points drives it home, dontcha think?)

Luckily for us a 7-11 was located nary a half mile away enabling us to purchase hydration and thus return safely to our families without serious permanent damage. Whew! 

As you probably suspected, we spent the final 5 1/2 miles of the run looking for clues to lead us to the perpetrators. Anyone well hydrated or engaged in a physical activity of any kind was considered a viable suspect.

I’m sad to report that this case is still open as we did not cross paths with the Gatorade thieves.


But there is always next week. And our next stash won’t be found so easy. OH. NO.

It may even be guarded.

(Oh yeah, forgot to mention – we ran the 12 this week.)