Where HAS the summer gone, friends?

We arrived back from vacation to be flocked by kids in the neighborhood informing us that middle school schedules had been released, supply lists had dramatically changed and “ohmygosh did we realize that school was only 13 day away?”

Ugh. Cue head hurting NOW.

Suddenly, we find ourselves with two children in middle school. Obviously, we knew this was coming but the summer seems to have just flown by!

This next week will be filled with more back to school shopping (new supply lists!), schedule memorizing and daily routine adjustments (no more sleeping in).

All summer I have been actively working to promote their independence in preparation for this transition. Its been a process but I’m happy to report that they’ve really stepped it up. The boys are way more responsible and eager to contribute to the family. (Not just buried in video games.) They are more respectful and more loving. I’m very, very proud.

Still, this impending middle school transition has me a bit flabbergasted.

Both will be out the door by 7:15am each morning.

What in the world am I going to do with all of that time in the morning? (Don’t answer that. We all know I will be getting to the office earlier. I’m so not fun like that.) 


Where DID the time go?