My pal Melanie of Sisarina is one of the coolest ladies I know. Not only is she packed with enthusiasm and creativity, she manages to generate blog posts that make me stop in my tracks and think.

Her latest, Happiness is…, inspired me to write my own list.

I think it is a fun and thought provoking exercise.

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

THE ASSIGNMENT: Write down 5 things which make you happy. (I personally did more.)


Swinging. Since childhood a swing has been my go-to for an immediate smile.

Running with girlfriends. Literally melts the stressors of the world away.

Laughing until I cry. I don’t do this enough. Life has gotten far too serious and far too stressful. I so need to lighten up.

A powerful church message. There is truly nothing like it. Whether I am humbled or inspired, nothing lights up my heart light a spiritual truth.

Listening to the sound of the forest. I’m instantly connected to the universe. Instantly creative. Instantly inspired. Instantly happy.

A clear conscience. When you know your intentions are pure, honest and truthful you have inner peace and that is true happiness.

Doughy soft pretzels. On my death bed I will ask for one with jalapenos and cheese.  And then I will die happy. Yum!

The perfect cup of coffee. You know the one I am talking about – perfectly blended with the right amount of cream and sugar. That cup can transform a day, I tell you.

So what about you? Leave a comment and tell me one thing that brings you happiness. (Silly or serious, doesn’t matter.) Or Tweet it to #happinessis