Not that I am anywhere near “Real Housewives” material, but I must admit that I attend a lot of galas in my community. When you work in the non-profit sector and run with friends who are amazing philanthropists, opportunities tend to open up.

Not a shocker – I am a girly-girl. And as such, I put a lot of thought into what I plan on wearing to these events. Have a worn it before? Should I buy a new dress? What type of investment will a new ensemble require?

Now, we’ve all  seen entertainment magazines where they pair two unsuspecting celebrities against each other because the poor ladies ended up at the same function wearing the same exact outfit. What a nightmare! (I especially hate it when they ask for people to vote on who wore it best. Ugh! I feel for the woman who loses that little tally.)

So what is a gal to do? I have an answer, of course!

I was recently introduced to this nifty little online tool called, which allows guests of an event to share their outfit choices with others prior to the big soiree.

Yes, I am serious.

It is pure genius, actually.

The event planner simply sends guests login details and they are able to post photos of the outfit they plan to wear  to the function ahead of time. There are various privacy settings within this site to make everyone comfortable.The planner’s event page even has a messaging function that allows everyone invited to make arrangements, swap fashion ideas, etc. (I’m thinking it can build buzz and excitement too.) 

Wardrobe wars no more!

Now, I’ve personally not had a clash at a function yet, but boy have I witnessed them. Awkward!

If you are interested in learning more, head on over to for a free trial.

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