I was a total slacker last week in the marathon training department.

My most impressive run was five measly miles.

Now before you get all indignant, know that I am not knocking a five mile run… AT ALL. I’m just saying that I should have logged somewhere in the neighborhood of 13-15 miles. But I didn’t.

Because I didn’t have a running partner.

BECAUSE my husband went away for the weekend and I was on soccer game duty.

So the runs didn’t happen.

Oh who am I kidding? I can’t blame it ALL on soccer. I was just terribly, terribly unmotivated. It happens.

This week I have tried to slowly get back on track. (A little mileage here. A little mileage there.) Today Lori and I went for a slow and steady four mile jaunt around the city. No planned route. No time limit. No agenda. It was so enjoyable that it almost didn’t seem like a workout. #awesome

I was feeling quite confident and sassy until I opened my email box later in the day and the following reminder stared back at me:

 You see that line in blue? Week 8. Holy Canoli, people. I SHOULD BE RUNNING MORE. I should be LIFTING MORE. I should be FOCUSING ON NUTRITION MORE. I should be LAYING OFF THE CHOCOLATE. (That is NEVER gonna happen.) 

Most importantly, I should be TRAINING ON MORE HILLS.


With that in my head, I came upon these stairs at my son’s soccer practice this evening and vowed not to go any further until I had run them five full times.

Not the worst I’ve ever done, not the best I’ve ever done. Just enough to motivate me to incorporate more into my weekly workouts. I just have to not think about the pain and trust it will all pay off in the end.

At least, that is what I am banking on.