You know, sometimes life just isn’t fair.

Today is one of those days which didn’t start out the best for me. I had a cooler-than-hell opportunity. I lost it. And I really, really wanted it.

Not meant to be.

Life happens, you know? We have to make choices.

But I was frustrated. And I’ll admit, a little more than mad.

In that moment of frustration and anger at the loss of my cooler-than-hell opportunity, I started to think about other things that were happening in my life at the moment.

And focusing on them.

And focusing.

And pondering.

And I ended up in a terrible place for about twenty minutes. Until I caught myself transforming my existence into one giant pity party.

I put an end to that  immediately.

For weeks I have been able to avoid negativity. I would venture to say that I have been more mentally strong in the past weeks than ever before in my life.

Focusing on the good, nay, the amazing aspects of my existence has been incredibly powerful. Not to brag, but I have a phenomenal family (and extended family). I have friends that blow me away with their spirit and kindness. I have a husband who is unfailing in his love and support of our relationship. I have children that bring more wonder and joy to my life than I could ever believe possible.

I’ve got it all.

I must never forget that.

So what if I lose one opportunity? Another will always come along.

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Or so I hear.